Lady Gaga’s Oscars’ Look Magic by Adore Cosmetics

This was an unbelievable year for Lady Gaga. After collecting numerous awards throughout 2018, he concluded her year with the Academy Award for the Best Original Song during the 91st Oscars Ceremony. However her talent was not the only thing that stood out during the night as many paid attention to her classy look.

Lady Gaga, who broke into the world of entertainment with the extravagant looks now prefers a more subtle and delicate style and 91st Oscars Ceremony wasn’t any different for her. Despite wearing a 141 year Diamond from Tiffany it was her skin that attracted so much attention in the aftermath of the Ceremony. Prior the Oscars Gaga also release an image of herself wearing nothing but bath towels….thats right no skincare at all. What about her skin you might ask? It’s Flawless, no wonder that Sarah Tano, Lady Gaga’s long time make up artists was bombarded with questions about artists skincare routing.

Here what she revealed: a bottle of Ole Henriksen Truth Serum alongside with Adore Cosmetics Palm Sonic are responsible for Lady Gaga’s glow. Sarah Tano uses Adore’s Palm Sonic to push the Serum further into a skin, increasing the potency of a product. The Result? Take a look:

Recently Adore Cosmetics have release a new version of its Palm Sonic device. It is based around EMS technology, providing a soft worm feeling when active, meanwhile sending invisible waves that help your skincare penetrate deeper into the epidermis.