How to make your skin glow


If you really want to know how to make your skin glow, first you need to understand exactly what it takes to have one. When asked to define glowing skin  Dr. Tina Funt said it is  “characterized by small pores, even complexion and clear skin without blemishes.” Who doesn’t dream about this every single day of their life, right? After doing thorough research on how to make your skin glow, here’s our step by step guide to get your skin glowing:

1. Detox for your natural glow

Make no mistake, skin glows from the inside out. So step one to make your skin glow is looking deep inside. That’s why, it’s so true that you can literally drink your way to a clear, radiant complexion. This is not a joke. One great way of doing this is juicing. Our bodies are overwhelmed already with so many toxins in the environment, why feed it toxins too? You ate a burger last night? No wonder you broke out this morning! Toxins show up on our skin in the form of blemishes, redness, inflammation and dry scaly unhealthy skin. The best way to flush those toxins off your system before they take over is drinking plenty of vegetable juices. Pick those veggies that are known to be anti-inflammatory, such as: kale, celery, cucumber, lemon and carrots. Go on this juice cleanse for a couple of days and you will notice a huge difference right away.

2. Drink Water to glow from within

Think of water as a shower you take from the inside out. Got the picture? You wouldn’t think not showering every day is healthy, would you? Yet so many of us fail to drink enough fluids to cleanse our system. If you find water too plain, try club soda or adding a few slices of lemon or cucumber to spice things up! Needless to say alcohol does exactly the opposite of water. It dehydrates your body, your skin and overwhelms the liver with toxins. No alcohol tastes as good as glowing skin feels.

3. Eat Cleaner for a glowing complexion

We all know the importance of a healthy, balanced diet. We’ve heard it time and time again, but do we actually get it? Junk food takes over our bodies’ detoxifying abilities, leaving no room for it to fight, for example, the bacteria that’s causing our acne. It gets distracted from what’s important by something else we can so easily avoid. Eating consciously and understanding which foods are right for our bodies is crucial if you are serious about having glowing skin.

Another secret is to amp up your vitamin C intake. Vitamin C-rich foods not only get free radicals responsible of wrinkles and sagging out of the way!  If you want to boost the effects of vitamin C on your skin, compliment your diet with a vitamin C packed serum.

4. Drench in Rose Water for skin that glows

Try rose water as a homemade toner! It cleanses and refreshes the skin. Added to that, stimulates blood circulation in your skin and helps balance pH. You’d be surprised to learn how many toners contain mainly rose water.

5. Limit bath time for a healthy glow

Cleansing is important, but don’t over do it. Washing your skin too often or taking very hot long showers or baths will strip your skin of its natural oils.

6. Exfoliate for a youthful glow

One of the most frequent reasons for dull skin is not exfoliating as part of your skincare routine. Removing dead skin cells will give you the healthy, glowing skin of your dreams. Stick to at least 3 times a week so you start glowing from within. New skin will be revealed and it never fails to reflect the light around you for a more youthful complexion.

7. Moisturize According To The Season for a hydrated glow

There’s no glowing without hydration. Need we say that moisturizers are crucial if you’re looking to get that J-Lo glow. But you probably dress differently and according to each season, don’t you? Well, this is also true when it comes to skincare. Just like you wouldn’t wear a scarf during summertime, your winter moisturizer is not right for the hot weather either. Please, do your skin a favor and change your moisturizer every season.

Every time the seasons change, spice your beauty routine with a new moisturizer. Harsh cold weather means your skin should receive more moisture. Pick a thicker and richer moisturizer when temperatures drop.

8. Exercise regularly for a radiant glow

It not only keeps you fit, but will also boost your glow! You need regular exercise in your life if you’re serious about getting that ultimate natural glow and a youthful blush. It also allows you to detox the skin through sweat. You don’t need a 4 hour workout to get the glow going, simply sticking to 30 minutes each day will do it for you. Just make sure you break a sweat regularly.

9. Sleep right for a randiant face

You should not only be sleeping enough. To get glowing you really need to rethink your sleeping position. Sleeping on your back or face up, will minimize the stretching effect of gravity on your skin. Another great tip is to invest on a silk pillowcase.

10. Make Peace With Humidity for a wet glow

It may be your hair’s worst enemy, but it sure is your skin’s best friend. If you live in a very dry area, your best bet is investing in humidifier and using it specially at bedtime.You will notice your skin more supple and hydrated in the morning and help your skin soak in all your skincare during the night.

11. Fake it till you glow it

Although we suggest you prioritize healthier, glowing skin as a result of all the above, there’s no reason not to fake it with makeup (at least until you get there).  Besides, there’s no time to start glowing, it keeps you looking sexy and youthful. To achieve this, research primers, foundation, highlighters and hydrating setting mists that will trick the eye and leave your skin looking dewy and wet.

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