April 2018 Adore Cosmetics News Roundup Pearls and Paris

April 2018 Adore Cosmetics News Roundup

In this April 2018 Adore Cosmetics news roundup we have great news to share with you! We’re excited to announce we are finally rolling out our new advertising campaign for ICON EDITION and our overall brand very soon.

We have been extremely busy since the beginning of the 2018. From new product releases to weekly video and photo-shoots, we are putting our best effort forward to captivate the public at large.

Our new ad campaign is coming along extremely well. We are super excited to finally present the new face of Adore Cosmetics: our campaign features fashion model Abigail Hall, who will be introduced as our fresh new face for 2018. The selection process was a tough one, with dozens of beautiful models from around the globe being considered for the role.

Here are some behind-the-scenes images from the ad shoot that we shared on our Instagram account:

April 2018 Adore Cosmetics News Roundup

April 2018 Adore Cosmetics News Roundup Abigail Hall 1

April 2018 Adore Cosmetics News Roundup Abigail Hall 2

April 2018 Adore Cosmetics News Roundup 24K Gold Mask

And we have created lots of new digital content! We will be posting these images to our Social Media pages in the coming weeks. Some have already been previewed all across our Social Channels, as you can see above.

Also, in addition to launching our new campaign, there are lots of good things coming really soon. And we want our fans to be a part of it all.


Easter was just a few weeks ago and we had a wonderful egg-xtra special Buy One, Get One FREE sale on our website. Lots of happy customers took full advantage of these online deals.

April 2018 Adore Cosmetics News Roundup Easter promotion

This Easter promotion was a great success and we are planning some amazing promotions for the coming months. You should stay tuned to all of our Social Media channels so you don’t miss any of our upcoming events.

Adore Cosmetics ICON EDITION gets an amazing review from Pearls and Paris

Our recently released ICON EDITION Nu Apple Peel Off Mask was reviewed by blogger Shareen Medina in her lifestyle blog Pearls and Paris. This is some of what she writes about our mask:

“I love how clean my pores feel after using this mask and how firm my skin feels.”

April 2018 Adore Cosmetics News Roundup Pearls and Paris

We would like to thank Shareen for this amazing Adore Cosmetics review and post. Thank you!!

Adore Cosmetics Online Customer Service Department Receives Another Amazing Review

Adore Cosmetics keeps receiving lots of amazing reviews. Our customers have been flooding our review sites pages with great feedback regarding our products. But for us, there’s only one thing that’s as important as how good our products are. And that’s the attention to detail and quality of service we provide to our customers.

In recent months our online sales department, especially our online sales manager Dione, have received non-stop praises from her clients. Some customers call us back to express their gratitude towards her while some write us directly with some very nice words about their experience.

This is what one of her customers had to say about her dedication and attention to detail in a recent review:

Customer service is an area of our industry where we are always trying to improve upon. And thanks to customers like Anne, we are able to gather feedback and learn how we can keep improving our products and provide outstanding customer service experience.

News From our blog

This month we wanted to share some natural skincare tips. In one of our April posts, we shared the 5 best natural ingredients to help tighten saggy skin.

April 2018 Adore Cosmetics News Roundup Saggy Skin Remedies

As part of our commitment to beauty, we want to bring you the best skincare tips from across the web.

Skincare Tips from Around The Web

Have you ever heard of Hormone-Induced Dermal Failure? This hormonal deficiency term coined by Dr. John Layke (Your Beverly Hills M.D) affects millions of people around the globe. The term Hormone-Induced Dermal Failure refers to the hormonal changes that cause the skin to break down.

This will lead to a number of unsightly conditions once our hormonal profile begins to break down. Most of these changes to our skin and other parts of our body appear to happen overnight.

According to DR. Layke, some warning signs of this dermal failure include:

  • Slacking and loosening of the neck and jowls
  • Thinning skin/loss of “plumpness”
  • Crow’s feet and fine lines around the lips
  • Deep vertical wrinkles between the eyebrows
  • Wrinkled or “leather-like” appearance of the chest and arms
  • Dark splotches on the cheeks, chest, and hands

Fortunately, according to Dr. Layke there’s a readily available solution to this problem. Other than taking good care of our skin by using the right skincare products, we can also mitigate the effects of this by taking oral supplements. These supplements will get our hormones back in check and thus returning that youthful look to our skin and body.

Dr. Lakey says that we should take supplements containing the following ingredients:

  • Saw Palmetto
  • Methylsuonylmethane (MSM)
  • Collagen
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • B-Vitamin Complex

These supplements contain most of the ingredients necessary to return our skin and hormones back to normal.

Do you have any skincare tips or secrets you want the world to know about?
Send us a note at support@adorecosmetics.com for a chance to have your tips posted on our blog.

Hope you enjoyed this April 2018 Adore Cosmetics news roundup. Stay tuned for next month’s Adore Cosmetics News Roundup as we have tons of good things to share with you!