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As our skin matures, especially in our facial area, dark spots that are caused by extra production of melanin brought by UV damage starts to show. According to studies, Vitamin C serves as the most efficient skin lightener that is currently available because it has the capability to dramatically correct the existence of excess production of melanin. This results to producing even and fresh looking skin. This is the role that Adore cosmetics C Vitamin plays. Rather than looking for different sources of Vitamin C, this kit works wonders by restoring youthful glow on your skin.


Adore cosmetics C Vitamin Features


According to different studies, it is actually not wrinkles that make our skin look a lot older, but discolorations and skin imperfections. Such information produces a lot of impact because it is the truth. On the other hand, by using Adore cosmetics C Vitamin, there is hope. For one, Vitamin C serves as a shield from damaging free radicals. This is done by giving your skin the necessary antioxidant protection.


As a result, it can work by evening out your skin tone. As you spend too much exposure under the sun, your skin will suffer the effects. With Vitamin C, however, your skin texture becomes smooth and even. It is also known to thicken and even heal your skin cells. As a result, your skin receives the protection that it deserves, allowing it to retain moisture within. When your skin lacks moisture, it will look dry, dull and lifeless. Because collagen can work by renewing your skin, you do not have to wait longer as it will look rejuvenated and plumper.


Adore cosmetics C Vitamin can also provide the necessary protection from the harmful rays of the sun, as well as pollution. Because it also works by speeding up the healing process of the skin, it ultimately fights the effects of long term damage, which caused by the sun. It also reduces the irritating effects of sun burns.


3 Step Systems

Adore cosmetics C Vitamin is a 3 stem system, which works in different steps. The first step is a dark spot targeting treatment, which focuses primarily on sun spots that appear, especially in the areas surrounding the eyes. There may be a heat sensation that will be felt upon application, but it just goes away after a few minutes.


The second step is accomplished through a dark spot targeting treatment cream. The third step is the targeted age correcting serum. This can be applied under the cream in the evening, allowing you to feel bright and fresh in the morning as you wake up. This system works well altogether, giving you a smoother and brighter looking skin.


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I just Adore Adore Cosmetics

5 5 1
Their products fit my skin so well. Their anti aging products do miracles to wrinkles. Seriously cant stop loving the results.

Controversial, but deffinately love them

4 5 1
I've read some controversial stuff online, after getting adores Icon edition set and quite frankly was a bit afraid, but their products turned out to be great and proved to be an important part of my skincare routine. Definitely recommend.

Not a big fan

3 5 1
They name themselves an ultra luxury brand however their products have nothing to do with ultra luxury, except pricing. You can achieve similar results for 1/2 of that price