Adore Cosmetics News: March Roundup

This month we’ve got some exciting Adore Cosmetics news to share with you – throughout March 2017 we saw supermodel Shanina Shaik and Lady Gaga’s makeup artist show their love of Adore, for example. Let’s dive in!

Adore Cosmetics News: March 2017

Celebrities Who Love Adore

Adore Cosmetics News March Roundup

Shanina Shaik – Victoria’s Secret supermodel and adorable human – started sharing her love of Adore Cosmetics with the world earlier this year (as we mentioned in our February roundup) and in March the love grew when she talked Adore Cosmetics and skincare in her interview with Into the Gloss.

This bombshell specifically raved about the following products from Adore Organic Innovation:

Shanina has discussed her use of other Adore Cosmetics before too: our Golden Touch Magnetic Facial Mask, which she wore and shared on social media – her selfie went viral and appeared on People Magazine Online, Star, and Glitter Magazine.

We’re obsessed with you, Shanina!

Sarah Tanno in Love with Adore Cosmetics

Sarah Tanno, Lady Gaga’s makeup artist, went on her Instagram to tell the world that she fell “in love” with everything we sent her from Adore Cosmetics.

She even shared multiple photos of the products on social media and shared a story on her Instagram with her 101K followers.

“I receive products almost every day and have tried and am in love with everything you sent. Super impressed!” Tanno exclaimed.


Glamour Magazine featured the Adore Cosmetics 24K Techno Dermis Mask on Instagram this week, as part of Celebrity Hairstylist Justine Marjan‘s takeover.


Celebrity makeup artist Joyce Bonelli tried Adore Cosmetics this week and shared images of the different products on her Instagram Stories.

Joyce Bonelli has done makeup for celebrities including Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj, and Jessica Alba.

Some of the products Bonelli is trying out are as follows:

Adore Cosmetics News & Reviews

StyleCaster Reviews 24K Techno-Dermis Facial Mask from Adore Cosmetics

StyleCaster‘s Chloe Metzger reviewed the Golden Touch 24k Techno-dermis Facial Mask from from Adore Cosmetics. Go Chloe!

“… my skin actually looked really, really excellent. Like, the redness on my cheeks was pretty much gone (a thing that never, ever happens) and my complexion looked weirdly bright,” wrote Metzger, who experienced the Adore Cosmetics 24K gold mask and saw the results in just minutes.

“Basically, I looked kind of excellent,” she concluded.

What a dream job you have, Chloe! If you work for a magazine or similar and would like to give our products a try, reach out to us:

Hello Giggles Features Adore Cosmetics Golden Touch Mask

Hello Giggles is featuring the Adore Cosmetics Golden Touch Magnetic Facial Mask in its article on how to incorporate gold into your beauty regimen. Click here to see the original article of Hello Giggles featuring Adore Cosmetics.

Adore Cosmetics in the News: February Roundup

The love month of February 2017 was great times here at Adore Cosmetics headquarters. It involved more celebrity love of our adorable facial masks and exposure in new outlets, including Hello Giggles, and new fans, including E! News’s Maria Menounos. Read on for the deets!

Adore Cosmetics February Celebrity News

Adore Cosmetics February Celebrity News & Reviews

Shanina Shaik’s Selfie Goes Viral

Supermodel Shanina Shaik posted a selfie on her Instagram and Twitter feeds wearing the Golden Touch Magnetic Mask with a Adore Cosmetics — and the golden selfie went viral.

It was shared across major publications online from Glitter Magazine to People Magazine Online’s Style section under “The Best Celeb Face Mask Selfies.” Shanina was also featured wearing the Adore mask in Star Magazine in their “Star Shots!” section.

“Model Shanina Shaik keeps her skin rejuvenated with the 24k Gold Magnetic Mask by Adore Cosmetics. It evens out skin tones and makes your skin feel brand new. Basically everything you need for perfect-looking skin. Shanina’s skin looks flawless!” Glitter Magazine wrote.

Olivia Culpo Keeps Sharing Her Love of Adore Cosmetics

Olivia Culpo Keeps Sharing Her Love of Adore Cosmetics


Supermodel Olivia Culpo was featured in both Sunday World and Hello Giggles in February sharing her love of Adore Cosmetics and especially its facial masks — such as the much-loved Golden Touch Magnetic Mask with real 24K gold sprinkles as a major active ingredient.

Olivia Culpo shared her use and love of the 24K gold mask from Adore with her 1.5 million followers via her Instagram stories, and told her fans that she prepared for New York Fashion Week by wearing this iconic mask.

Go here to find your own favorite mask from Adore Cosmetics.

maria-menounos-shows-off-her-adore-24k-gold-maskMaria Menounos Goes Golden

Maria Menounos shared her love of Adore Cosmetics on her Instagram stories this week with her 823K followers when she also documented wearing the Golden Touch Magnetic Facial Mask.

She is an E! News Anchor, AfterBuzzTV CEO, SiriusXM host, New York Times bestselling author of “The EveryGirl’s Guide to” series of books, and runs Maria’s Greek Delights frozen food.

More Adore Cosmetics News & Reviews

Adore Cosmetics Golden Touch Magnetic Mask Giveaway

Melany from Melany’s Guydlines ran a crazy-successful giveaway of our Adore Cosmetics Golden Touch Magnetic Mask Giveaway (retail value $995) with over 73,000 people signing up to win.

The Golden Touch Magnetic Mask is made with real gold powder mixed with antioxidants and other superpower beauty agents and is loved by celebrities and influencers (such as those listed above) across the interwebs!

Adore Cosmetics Reviews: Jamie Greenberg

Hollywood Celebrity Make up Artist and Beauty Personality Jamie Greenberg praised an array of products from Adore Cosmetics on her blog this month.

“I just Adore these products!! They use completely organic ingredients,  a unique stem cell formula to regenerate your skin, which slows down the aging process, and they smell amazing. #TripleThreat,” the makeup artist wrote.

Check out her blog to read what she had to say and how the products improved her skin!

Adore Cosmetics Reviews: Choupette's Diary

Adore Cosmetics Reviews: Choupette’s Diary

Choupette’s Diary — the luxury lifestyle blog portraying Karl Lagerfeld’s real-life cat — featured the Adore 24K Gold Mask a.k.a. the Golden Touch Magnetic Facial Mask from Adore Cosmetics.

“…there is nothing more luxurious than a 24K gold face mask… What woman wouldn’t want to coat her skin in pure gold?” Choupette blogged.

Livingly Recommends Adore’s 24K Gold Mask

Livingly talked up our 24K magnetic gold mask in their “The Most Interesting Beauty and Wellness Trends To Try in 2017” article.

The mask everyone keeps raving about — officially known as the Golden Touch Magnetic Facial Mask — is an exclusive anti-aging mask with a unique combination of magnetic healing, pure gold power and proven age-defying plant stem cells to bring you incomparable health and renewed beauty.

Adore Cosmetics in the News: December Roundup

December was a blast here at Adore Cosmetics headquarters — our two cherished gold masks were recommended by celebrities and world-class publications across the web and even print — and we celebrated with Santa all month long!

We’ve got the 4-1-1 and lots of details to keep you entertained so read on.

Adore Cosmetics Celebrity News

Adore Cosmetics in the News December Roundup

E! Online

E! Online featured our world-famous Golden Touch Magnetic Facial Mask in its “2016 Holiday Gift Guide: Outrageous Gifts Celebs Buy Other Celebs.” E! Online shared that supermodel Erin Heatherton, who is also the face and brand ambassador of Adore Cosmetics, loves to give our gold mask to friends as a lavish gift to spoil them!

Refinery29 on High-End Beauty Products

Refinery29 featured our Golden Touch 24K Techno-Dermis Facial Mask in “The Beauty Products On The 1%’s Holiday Wish Lists” after Mario Dedivanovic, makeup artist to Kim Kardashian, Demi Lovato, Kate Bosworth, and more, raved about the mask in social media.

Adore Cosmetics Reviews & Features


US Weekly – Print Edition – Highlights Adore’s Body Butter

US Weekly print edition featured our Spirit – Calming Body Butter and Nature – Intensive Body Butter in its Buzzz-o-meter section! We covered it on our Adore Cosmetics website here. If you need to moisturize (and who doesn’t, especially in the winter!) give these babies a try — you’ll love them!


Celebuzz featured our in its “28 Swoon-Worthy Holiday Gifts for the Makeup Lover and Beauty Junkie” section, ranking our Adore Calming Peeling Scrub & Body Butter Holiday Set as #11. That set was a holiday special, but you can still snag our Adore Calming Peeling Scrub & Body Butter on their own!

Teen Vogue

Teen Vogue highlighted our other famous gold mask — the Golden Touch 24K Techno-Dermis Facial Mask — in its “Best Splurge Beauty Holiday Gift Ideas 2016” section.

Give your friends the fanciest DIY spa day ever with these 24-karat gold sheet masks that leave skin glowing. (The luxe factor alone should bring a smile to their faces.) Plant stem cells and lavender help speed up cell turnover, for instantly smoother, plumper skin. And the gold? Well, that makes for a great selfie.

We’re with you, Teen Vogue!


Like E! Online, Byrdie talked about our world-famous Golden Touch Magnetic Facial Mask last month, mentioning it in its “9 Outrageously Luxurious Beauty Products for the 1%” article.

More Adore Cosmetics News

Adore Cosmetics opened two new luxury boutiques, both in Canada. Specifically, residents and visitors of  British Columbia’s Tsawwassen Mills and Oshawa Centre in Ontario, Canada will now be able to lavish in the spa-like experience these boutiques provide to our cherished customers.

Are you in the neighborhood? Hop on by! If not, check out our other locations worldwide here.

Watch These 3 Celebrities Use and Love Adore Cosmetics

Celebrities Who Love Adore Cosmetics - Mario Erin Asa

Adore Cosmetics is no stranger to having celebrities love its products, and the biggest hit is its 24K Golden Touch Magnetic Facial Mask.

This coveted skincare product is an exclusive anti-aging mask with a unique combination of magnetic healing, the power of pure visible 24-karat gold sprinkles, and proven age-defying plant stem cells to bring you incomparable health and renewed beauty.

Check out these hot stars who are sporting and raving about this killer skincare product by Adore Cosmetics.

Celebrities Who Love Adore Cosmetics

Kim Kardashian’s Makeup Artist Mario Dedivanovic

Adore Cosmetics - Makeup by Mario Dedivanovic
Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic posted on his Instagram account @makeupbymario about trying out Adore Cosmetics 24k magnetic gold mask Golden Touch Magnetic Facial Mask. It only costs $995 but Mario says it makes his skin “feel like a million bucks”!

He also gave a demo of how to use the mask — and remove it like magic with our sleek magnetic strip — on his Snapchat channel makeupbymario.

Supermodel Erin Heatherton

Adore Cosmetics celebrity Erin Heatherton
Supermodel and former Victoria’s Secret Angel Erin Heatherton, who has also appeared in Sports Illustrated, is for the first time serving as the brand ambassador for a cosmetics brand: Adore Cosmetics. She told Instyle Magazine that she loves the brand’s organic products and how they’ve visibly improved the appearance of her skin.

“I love the concept and message behind Adore Cosmetics and their Adore Yourself campaign, using only organic stem cells in their formulas and reminding women to love the skin they’re in. I knew this was the perfect brand to align myself with. The research and precision put into their products is unrivaled in this industry and my skin has truly never looked healthier since I started using their line,” Heatherton says on her decision to choose Adore Cosmetics.

Specifically, she loves the Calming Body Peeling Scrub and the Essence Facial Hydrating Cream for Normal to Dry Skin from Adore Cosmetics, she shared with InStyle.


Swedish Hollywood Housewives Star Åsa Vesterlund

Åsa Vesterlund of the Svenska Hollywoodfruar (Swedish Hollywood Wives) the Swedish reality television program on TV3, is a Swedish reality television actress. She appears in the show’s seventh, eighth, and ninth seasons.

Vesterlund recorded a video of her experience with Adore’s innovative magnetic gold mask. Watch the video here:


How the 24K Golden Touch Magnetic Facial Mask by Adore Cosmetics Works

The ingredients work in harmony to help repair broken cellular connections. Pure gold penetrates skin at the keratin level, making it more receptive to the magnetic powder’s ability to speed up production of ATP, a molecule that stimulates electromagnetic energy flow through acupuncture meridians.

Gold is proven to restore elasticity and also reduces appearance of sun damage by slowing down melanin secretion, while the refined magnetic gold powder enhances cellular regeneration by bringing more oxygen and nutrients to the skin.

Next, The power of this anti-aging duo is amplified by our exclusive Plant Stem Cell formula, proven to restore youthful appearance by protecting your skin’s own stem cells and encouraging them to regenerate healthy texture. All of which is enhanced with moisturizing sweet almond oil, aloe vera and shea butter to hydrate skin, giving it elasticity and radiance. Plus Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant that fights free radicals and air pollution to freshen skin’s appearance. With every application, your skin will shine with natural warming tones, enhanced suppleness and increased luminosity.

Ready to try it for yourself and see the difference gold will make for your skin? Try the 24K Golden Touch Magnetic Facial Mask by Adore Cosmetics.


Famous Adore Gold Mask

As you take a good look at the Adore gold mask, you will be aware of the fact that the skin has a way of staying young, rejuvenated and healthy. Over the years, many beauty masks have being released into the market. However, nothing is as effective and reliable as the Adore Golden Mask. The effective mask is formulated with organic ingredients and healthy nutrients in the best possible concentration. As a result, the product is capable of making sure your skin is vibrant and nourished for long! However, you should pick the right kind of Adore Gold Mask for your skin. That is because the brand has a dozen masks for different skin types.

Mask #1 – Cellmax Facial Thermal Mask

One of the advanced and most wanted Adore Gold Masks in the market would be the “Cellmax Facial Thermal Mask”. This is an interesting product with self-heating properties. As you apply the mask on your face, pores open up and receive nutrients. Consequently, nutrients seep into the skin through these open pores. During the process, wrinkles and fine lines on your skin will become smooth. This can be attributed to the mask’s enriching ingredients, namely Linden Blossom, Vitamin E and Chamomile. Read a Cellmax Facial Thermal Mask review here.

Mask #2 – Adore Magnetic Facial Mask

Another impressive mask from the brand would be the “Adore Magnetic Facial Mask”. If you want to make the most from Adore Cosmetics, you should start with this item. This mask binds many essential nutrients and vitamins onto the skin. In fact, it will make sure all essential nutrients are absorbed into the skin fully. Throughout Adore’s amazing line of golden masks, this is the only cream-based mask. It comprises of magnetic powder and 24K gold sprinkles. The product’s characteristic ingredients can make sure all nutrients are held in your skin perfectly.

It has been featured in:

Celebrities who love it include:

Mask #3 – Essence Facial Collagen Mask

“Essence Facial Collagen Mask” is a must have if you wish to restore your skin’s youthfulness. The mask is carefully formulated to get rid of wrinkles and fine lines that can destroy your appearance. The golden mask combines hydrolyzed collagen and elastin to buffer the skin’s resistance against free radicals. As your face gets protected, minerals and vitamins from the collagen mask work to encourage cell replenishment. Additionally, the mask comprises of hydrolyzed silk to balance the skin’s moisture content.

The Others

The 24k Gold Techno Dermis Mask from Adore heats, nourishes and relaxes the skin with collagen and lavender. Check out the Golden Touch 24k Techno-dermis Eye Mask from Adore Cosmetics featured in Martha Stewart Weddings as a must-have product to treat dark circles and puffy eyes before your wedding (slide #15). It’s also a favorite of model Shanina Shaik’s as shared in her interview with Into the Gloss.

Adore Cosmetics also carries the famous Golden Touch 24k Techno-Dermis Facial Mask, which Teen Vogue featured in its “Best Splurge Beauty Holiday Gift Ideas 2016” as the perfect gift “for your friend who likes the fancy stuff” and Refinery29 featured in “The Beauty Products On The 1%’s Holiday Wish Lists.” It was also featured in Luxury Listings NYC in their Luxe Life section. Watch a video review on TheInsideOutBeauty.

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Review Content

Adore skincare

4 5 1
I like their products. probably not the best in my life(my skin is very picky) but overall high quality products.

I cant say I'm in love

3 5 1
Their products do work, but at this price point I expect them to be much more impressive that just that.

I Absolutely Adore Them

5 5 1
Great products, great results! Expensive-yes, Does it worth it? Absolutely