Adore Cosmetics in the News: November Roundup

Jeffree Star reviews Adore Cosmetics


November was a huge month over at Adore Cosmetics headquarters — from having a celebrity makeup artist show off our Golden Touch Magnetic Facial Mask on Instagram and Snapchat, to having Jeffree Star demo our other gold mask and give it a glowing review on YouTube, we’ve been celebrating! We’ve even got our famous luxe Golden Touch 24k Techno-dermis Facial Mask at an insane 70% off through Monday 12/5/2016. 

We’ve got the scoop and lots of entertainment for you, so keep reading.

Adore Cosmetics Celebrity News

Adore Cosmetics Magnetic Gold Mask Reviewed by Mario Dedivanovic

Adore Cosmetics Reviews - Makeup by Mario Dedivanovic

Kim Kardashian’s beloved makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic gave a raving review of our 24K Golden Touch Magnetic Facial Mask on Instagram and Snapchat. He even wore it a second time and gave a full demo of how the mask works and the results it gives on his Snapchat channel because he said it made his skin feel like a million bucks!

Find Mario him on Instagram here: @makeupbymario and on Snapchat @makeupbymario.

Adore Cosmetics celebrity Erin HeathertonErin Heatherton for Adore Cosmetics in OK! Magazine Print

Adore Cosmetics brand ambassador Erin Heatherton popped up in the November print issue of OK! Magazine.

This is Heatherton’s first time being the face of a cosmetics company; previously, the 27-year-old model was a regular on Sports Illustrated as well as a Victoria’s Secret angel.

Check out our press release for details and be sure to snag your own issue of OK with Erin on page 66!

If you haven’t already, watch Erin’s adorable video for Adore Cosmetics here:

And if you missed her interview with InStyle on on the products she needs in her life, be sure to click on over!


Jeffree Star Demos Adore Cosmetics 24K Gold Mask

Jeffree Star Demos Adore Cosmetics 24K Gold Mask



Our Golden Touch 24k Techno-dermis Facial Mask got an in-depth demo and review from superstar Jeffree Star and guest Laganja Estranja this week. Star is a California-based singer-songwriter, makeup artist, fashion designer, and model who sells his own makeup line, and Estranja is a drag queen and fashion curator. They collaborate on hilarious videos often.

After Star kept hearing about our famous mask, he purchased one and invited Estranja to record their experience wearing and seeing the results of the Golden Touch 24k Techno-dermis Facial Mask. The video has 1.3 million views to date (in under 48 hours). Both stars describe feeling newly tightened and glowing skin after wearing the mask for only 15 minutes.


Watch the hilarious review of our super luxe gold mask here:

Swedish Hollywood Housewives Star Gives Adore Cosmetics Review

Swedish reality television actress Åsa Vesterlund dons our Golden Touch Magnetic Facial Mask while on the set of the Svenska Hollywoodfruar (Swedish Hollywood Wives).

Watch how gorgeous she looks in gold (pssst… it’s in Swedish!):


Adore Cosmetics Reviews, Continued

Adore Cosmetics Male Skincare in World Bride Magazine

Adore Cosmetics Male Skincare in World Bride Magazine

Our male skincare line doesn’t get enough attention. Fortunately, World Bride Magazine is spreading the word about Adore Cosmetics in their “The Dapper Man: Male Grooming And Men’s Skincare Must-Haves” piece, remarking on our NEWMEN Hydrating Cream as an “essential organic luxury hydration cream to be used after shaving or whenever your skin is feeling dehydrated,” WBM advised to dapper guys everywhere.

Martha Stewart Weddings Features Adore Cosmetics Review

Adore Cosmetics Martha Stewart Weddings

Whether you’re getting married in the near future or not, Martha Stewart Weddings recommends you check out our Golden Touch 24k Techno-dermis Eye Mask to treat dark circles and puffy eyes (slide #15).

Now you can look gorgeous and ready to rage at any party no matter how tired you might be — and we all know December is full of opportunities to shine among your loved ones!

Adore Cosmetics Reviews: Advanced Firming Eye Serum and Advanced Firming Eye Cream

“Not only have these two products helped eliminate under eye dark circles and puffiness, they have also significantly minimized the look of my wrinkles and fine lines and have brightened up my under eye drastically.” – Lifestyle blogger Rebecca Richardson

We love these words! Read the rest over at the A Day in my Life lifestyle blog to learn more about Rebecca’s take on our Advanced Firming Eye Serum and Advanced Firming Eye Cream.

We hope you enjoyed our November news roundup!

If you wanna treat yo’self (or your bae), remember that we’ve got the deal of a lifetime going on until 12/5/2016: our famous luxe Golden Touch 24k Techno-dermis Facial Mask is available at an insane 70% off!


Glamour Reviews Adore Cosmetics’ Golden Touch Magnetic Facial Mask

Glamour Reviews Adore Cosmetics' Golden Touch Magnetic Facial Mask


Glamour reviews Adore Cosmetics’ groundbreaking Golden Touch Magnetic Facial Mask in its Beauty section this month.

Adore Organic Innovation’s Golden Touch Magnetic Facial Mask is an exclusive anti-aging mask with a unique combination of magnetic healing, pure gold power, and proven age-defying plant stem cells to bring you incomparable health and renewed beauty.

It begins with a unique combination of visible 24-karat gold sprinkles and highly refined magnetic powder that work in harmony to help repair broken cellular connections. Pure gold penetrates skin at the keratin level, making it more receptive to the magnetic powder’s ability to speed up production of ATP, a molecule that stimulates electromagnetic energy flow through acupuncture meridians.

Known for restoring elasticity, gold also reduces appearance of sun damage by slowing down melanin secretion while refined magnetic powder increases cellular regeneration by bringing more oxygen and nutrients to the skin. The power of this anti-aging duo is amplified by our exclusive Plant Stem Cell formula, proven to restore youthful appearance by protecting your skin’s own stem cells and encouraging them to regenerate healthy texture. All of which is enhanced with moisturizing sweet almond oil, aloe vera and shea butter to hydrate skin, giving it elasticity and radiance. Plus Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant that fights free radicals and air pollution to freshen skin’s appearance. With every application, your skin will shine with natural warming tones, enhanced suppleness and increased luminosity.

It comes with a golden magnet bar (attached to the box) that should be wrapped in a tissue and glided over one’s face to remove the mask after leaving the mask on for seven minutes. 

Here is a quick highlight from the Glamour review:

My face looks like my face looks like my face. Wet and pink and pockmarked and still just me. But to the touch, my cheeks are just a bit softer, just a bit smoother. They don’t look any different but they feel good, and isn’t that better? Isn’t beauty all about how you feel? I feel good about my face. I feel lucky to have such products available to me. I feel pretty.

Click here to read the article: Glamour reviews Adore Cosmetics’ Golden Touch Magnetic Facial Mask.

To see more of Adore Cosmetics products in action, please visit our Instagram page here.

In Searching for “Adore Cosmetics Price”

Many people have been quite hesitant to purchase Adore products due to their seemingly expensive prices. However upon clearing out your choice of products with your dermatologist or skin expert, you would understand and even relate to why Adore cosmetics has been a favorite among its users.

Product Effectiveness and Looking Up Adore Cosmetics Price

Most customers have resorted to subpar or even average functioning products, given the budget they have set aside on skin care. This is why it would come off as a shock for them to see how much an Adore product would cost. When the even type in Adore Cosmetics Price further, they would be even more surprised about the price range of Adore’s various products.

However for some of those who eventually gave one of its lines a try, they were even more pleased with the results as they went over the expected benefits they’ll reap from using the items. Some have even said that every cent was well spent and how they would never go back to their past, generic products even if they were paid to do so.

Consultations with Your Skin Experts and Dermatologist

While you may have a rough idea of your skin’s condition and have eyed a couple of products upon your Adore Cosmetics Price search, it would still be ultimately helpful to ask for the advice of your dermatologist. This way, you would have a more precise set of reasons and purpose of why a new product would serve your skin well. Ask for an expert’s advice on how Adore should best be applied, so you could experience better results upon regular use.

Adore Cosmetics May Be Worth Your While in the Long Run

You may be hesitant to make a few purchases of Adore products after typing in Adore Cosmetics Price. However, they’re definitely worth a try. Adore has four main categories which include Skin Care, Concern Line, Concern and Specialized Collection. These categories have a complete line of products which should cater for every skin need. It also has a Features and Special Offers corner where bundles and limited products would be announced.

With its thorough line of items for sale and upon seeing their possible benefits, in the long run, an Adore Cosmetics Price search and finding out about its range of prices wouldn’t be eventually as surprising.

Lastly, various customers have already proven how the results on an “Adore Cosmetics Price” search would be worth trying out. They could attest to their effectiveness which is why they would not hesitate to keep saving up on some budget, to invest on the long term usage of Adore’s products.

A search on Adore Cosmetics Price may be surprising since Adore products are not similarly priced like other products. However upon clearing out on some skin advice and trying them out, you will find how these items would be worth the investment for your skin.

Review Title
Review Content

Adore skincare

4 5 1
I like their products. probably not the best in my life(my skin is very picky) but overall high quality products.

I cant say I'm in love

3 5 1
Their products do work, but at this price point I expect them to be much more impressive that just that.

I Absolutely Adore Them

5 5 1
Great products, great results! Expensive-yes, Does it worth it? Absolutely